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 Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer Has Recovered Millions For His Clients


Every case is different because all injuries are different. However, the struggle is often the same – pay bills, handle work issues, get your vehicle fixed, and to get better.  The many difficulties faced by Baton Rouge personal injury victims consequently can lead to fear – of the unknown and how to get full compensation. The insurance company adjuster is not often not quick to help. Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer wants to help you personally.

Precision. Details. Results. Personal Injury Law Firm will professionally handle your accident case, with a goal to recover THE MOST possible for your claim. Consequently,  your injury case is a serious matter, it is important to you, and to us. Attorney Ed Kramer is a Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney but has handled claims in the surrounding area as well as across the country.

The more you recover, the more we earn and most of all we do not settle our client’s cases ‘on the cheap‘ just to ‘churn them’ make a lot of money. We care about each personal injury client and want to maximize each personal injury client’s recovery.

The field of Personal Injury Law is not a game or an aside – it involves YOUR rights, future, and money. Attorney Ed Kramer delivers professional, precise and direct legal services. Your case is taken seriously and handled professionally. Personal Injury Law Firm is dedicated to delivering professional and individualized legal services to those personal injury victims who want to pursue the maximum value for their case, including a claim for bad faith, if applicable.

Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer has represented clients all over Louisiana, and the United States


Personal injury victims, including family members who have suffered through the wrongful death of a loved one, are sometimes entitled to monetary compensation for their loss. We fight to recover full compensation for all clients. However, it doesn’t always come easy.

At Personal Injury Law Firm, we fight hard for our clients to help them to get them the most compensation that the law allows.

Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer has experience taking on insurance companies, negotiating settlements, and taking claims to court when necessary. He has recovered millions of dollars for his clients – from $1,000 claims to those ranging in the millions.

Attorney Ed Kramer understands how the effects of a personal injury can cause uncertainty in your life and that of your family. He has won when other attorneys could not.  He knows what it is like to have a fear of the unknown after:

Car Wrecks

Truck Accidents

Offshore Accidents

River Injuries

Pleasure Boat Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Medical Device Injuries

Wrongful Death

Products Liability


Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer has almost 30 years of legal experience. He does not rest on that experience alone and will associate other experienced trial injury attorneys to help maximize your recovery under the law. These accident lawyers are proficient at trial, and Attorney Ed Kramer will be there as well, standing with you!

What Law Firm, LLC Can Do For You


Personal injury and wrongful death claims are often hotly contested, while issues of liability and damages often raise complicated issues of law and fact.  At Personal Injury Law Firm, we help assemble a great legal team to handle your case.  Your best chance of getting MAXIMUM value in a settlement is when your claim is ready to go to court.

Personal injury cases can be complicated, yet many insurance companies still use their vast resources to minimize their payout. However, you don’t know the value of your case until your doctor releases you. Often serious personal injuries occur after an 18-wheeler accident.

With the team on your side, the insurer will know your case is ‘trial ready’ to help you recover the most!


Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Fights For YOU!


If you have a serious injury, we will fight for you. Therefore, we may use expert witnesses. However, if the case is big enough, the insurance company may have its experts. Our firm employs only experienced investigators, medical personnel, and associates other trial attorneys to help you win big!

We help our clients assess their claims, develop arguments, and pursue their cases. Our personal injury ‘teams’ often have both medical and economic expert witnesses to help prove damages. This use is most helpful your injury case because the legal fee to you is the same.

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