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Facebook Stories latest expression in Social Media Technology

Facebook Stories latest expression in Social Media Technology

According to USA Today, Facebook on Tuesday began rolling out Stories, which encourages people to share photos and videos with friends that vanish after 24 hours.  Facebook Stories is the latest expression of Social Media Technology.

The new feature, borrowed from popular messaging service Snapchat, is being introduced along with a slew of new camera effects and a new way to share photos and videos privately with friends on iOS and Android.

The visual bent is a radical departure for Facebook, which got its start in a Harvard University dorm room 13 years ago as a way for college kids to connect with words. Now the camera is taking the place of the keyboard as the dominant way that people express their thoughts, feelings and experiences online, Facebook says.

With Facebook Stories, people will share snapshots of interspersed moments from their lives strung together in a digital slideshow for friends to view and comment on before they disappear into digital dust.

For Facebook, this is a bid to coax young people — and people of all ages — to share more on the giant social network. The more time people spend on Facebook, the more ads they can be shown.   Technology is changing daily.  www.InjuredGo.Com Law firm is working to utilize the latest in technology – legal, medical, expert witness – to help our clients get the most responsive service and the maximum value for their personal injury claim. Facebook Page

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