Louisiana Higher Education

Louisiana Higher Education: Which One is For You?

In Louisiana, the Board of Regents presides over public Louisiana higher education and therefore the board oversees the colleges and universities in Louisiana that receive public funding.  The Board was established by the Louisiana Constitution of 1974, and therefore the Board of Regent’s primary objective is to create budgets for the public colleges and universities. Furthermore, The Board has other responsibilities which include encourage enrollment, and manage admission requirements. The Board of Regents is also tasked with ensuring that education is attainable for Louisiana students, which is no small feat.

The Board publishes a list of tuition at each school here. In Louisiana, promoting education is difficult, to say the least, since even a plan for free high-speed internet was rejected.

Higher Education Universities in Louisiana

For Louisiana Higher Education, the ten-institution Louisiana State University System has a variety of specialized schools, as well as a law school, an agricultural center, and multiple heath science campuses. The University of Louisiana System is comprised of nine schools, in addition to McNeese State University and Northwestern State University.  The Southern University System has comprised mainly of its Baton Rouge campus hence its operations are smaller.

Louisiana has over 90 campuses of private colleges and universities according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Ten of those formed the Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges & Universities, which seems like a student advocacy association.  It lobbies and tries to make certain that it’s member schools uphold high standards of education.

Community Colleges for Higher Education in Louisiana

The Louisiana Community & Technical College System has been growing in popularity over the last 10 years or so.  Its membership includes colleges like Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana Delta Community College, and Sowela Technical Community College.  The system’s website lists all member schools and locations. A growing segment of community college is their online class options. The link is a list of classes that can be taken online, and registration information and fees.

The Louisiana Community & Technical College System Foundation has as its mission to promote workforce advancement, collaboration within the global workforce, and producing programs with a high caliber of excellence.  Resources for adult education are listed as well.

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