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Injured in an accident? Not sure what to do next? Now is the perfect time to contact Ed Kramer, founder of the Law Firm, LLC. A trusted Baton Rouge attorney with an impressive reputation, he offers a targeted approach to personal injury representation.

He has helped those involved in small car accidents as well as being there for grieving families, and he has fought large corporations and won.  He has faced a jury of 12 of his client’s peers and won.  His clients, through the years, and some individually, have been awarded millions of dollars for their injuries.  He has also settled cases large and small. One thing is for certain – Ed has the skill and backing to take a case to trial and fight for you.  If a case is ready for trial, it often settles.  The secret is that every case is evaluated and treated professionally, and all attention to detail is given, so that the insurer knows that they face a risk at trial should they not offer the full case value in settlement. Of course, that risk at trial runs both ways, so the discussion is always had to settle, or to take the matter to trial.

Academic and Professional Background

Ed Kramer’s history in Louisiana spans decades. As an undergraduate, he attended Louisiana State University. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He then continued on at LSU, pursuing his Juris Doctor at the esteemed Paul M. Hebert Law School. During his time in law school, he developed a keen understanding of personal injury law. He also credits many friends in the local legal community who have helped him through his career. He was involved with the Louisiana Law Review, an exclusive organization with a low acceptance rate.

Today, Ed Kramer serves his beloved Baton Rouge community through the Law Firm, LLC. His law firm offers a personalized approach and detail-oriented representation. He regularly receives positive feedback from his clients, who appreciate his extensive understanding of personal injury law. He is also respected by his professional peers, as evidenced by his AV rating with Martindale-Hubbell.

Ed Kramer is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association. He was president of the Baton Rouge Growth Coalition for several years. The organization granted him the Distinguished Service Award in 2006. He is or has been a member of the Louisiana Trial Layer’s Association, The American Trial Lawyer’s Association, the Texas Trial Lawyer’s Association, The Mississippi Trial Lawyer’s Association, the Wex S. Malone American Inns of Court Chapter, and a volunteer at the LSU Law School for various activities.

Ed presented the annual BRBR CID Residential “Trends in Real Estate” over four years.  He has been a guest lecturer at LSU and presented continuing education and other seminar discussions.  Ed has reported cases, but at the end of it all wants to provide the best possible professional service to his legal clients that he can.

Practice Areas

Ed Kramer primarily focuses on the following practice areas:

  • Car Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Products Liability
  • Admiralty and Maritime law

By narrowing his focus to personal injury, Ed Kramer is better able to serve the best interests of his valued clients. He is committed to delivering justice, and securing the compensation his clients are entitled to under the law.

Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer

Ed Kramer recoding the jingle

Working With a Baton Rouge Attorney

The ideal Baton Rouge attorney is committed to the good of his community. Ed Kramer demonstrates this sense of devotion every day. Ed is both compassionate, yet assertive, and he embodies the qualities that all Louisiana attorneys seek to demonstrate.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident or due to the negligence of others, call Ed Kramer and the Law Firm, and see if they can help you. Get in touch today to learn more about Ed Kramer’s background and his approach to personal injury law.

Ed will often associate other counsel on his cases.  This allows his clients to have the benefit and guidance of Ed being involved in the case, as well as other attorneys’ insight as well.  This is specified in writing, so that you know exactly who is doing what, getting paid for what, and how your case is being handled.

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