Pirate Billy Bowlegs

Pirate Treasure in Ft. Walton Destin area Might Be Right Under Your Feet!

Pirate Ship

Unbelievable Treasure Hidden in Ft. Walton Destin Area

The bay area near Ft. Walton Beach and Destin, Florida is named ‘Choctawatchee Bay’ and is home to at least a dozen of pirate shipwrecks, holding gold and treasure that can only be imagined. Treasure, both intentionally hidden, and from shipwrecks, has been found. Most experts agree that it still exists in and around our favorite beach areas. Yes, there is likely treasure in Ft. Walton Destin area.

The U.S. Treasure Atlas states that over the years, several bags of gold coins and bars of silver have been discovered on Santa Rosa Island, home of Ft. Walton Beach, lending credence to the consensus that this is the site of a major cache of gold and silver.

Some think that the pirate loot may be hidden on the mainland in the Fort Walton Beach area; others place the hoard on various smaller islands in the Choctawatchee Bay. Some may be found on the various shipwrecks in the bay itself.  Map of Wrecks

Shipwreck on google earth

Shipwreck on Google Earth in Choctawatchee Bay. There is a story of a pirate Captain scuttling a fully-laden pirate ship of gold in the Bay. Most sources put the lagoon somewhere on the Choctawatchee Bay, which runs from Ft. Walton Beach to past Destin.  Some wrecks can be seen on Google Earth.

Billy Bowlegs was the most famous of all – and the one thought to have lost or hid the most gold. Several “Billy Bowlegs” are known to have exist. Perhaps the most famous was a man named ‘Bowles’ from Maryland, who later went by “Billy Bowlegs.”  He British loyalist who  came to Pensacola with his regiment after the Revolutionary War. Flamboyant, rebellious and commanding, he was dismissed from service for insubordination and befriended by the Creek Indians.

His pirating began in 1781 after the Spanish took control of Pensacola.

Gold bars have been found on several occasions – either buried or from wrecks.  According to sources at the time, in June 1958, Mrs. Beulah Croaker found several treasure caches on Santa Rosa Island near the present-day Ft. Walton Beach. She then started buying up land to excavate. The following year F.L. Coffman and Bud Worth found and excavated a pirate ship, the Mysterio in the N.E. corner of Choctawhatchee Bay. This is slightly past the present-day Mid-Bay Bridge. They managed to locate and bring up 117 bars of silver.

Again, in 1965, Mr. L. Frank Hudson found a cache of gold bars on Santa Rosa Island. He was caught by the local authorities and the gold was confiscated. In 1978, Don Williams of Ft. Meyers, found pirate graves on the east end of Santa Rosa Island, just before the military base. He dug them up and found silver coins, jPirate Map of Carribeanewelry, a flintlock pistol and other artifacts

The area is also home to shipwrecks of Spanish Galleons and Pirate Ships and other vessels of all sorts. Underwater, the whole bay is littered with shipwrecks. Today, it makes up part of the Intercostal waterway, where tugs and other vessels of commerce traverse. Pleasure Boaters from “Crab Island” to fisherpersons of all sorts crisscross over untold riches.

Ft. Walton Beach also hosts its annual “Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival commemorating the most famous pirate thought to have buried or lost gold in the area.  This year, its next month, June 2 & 3, 2017. 2017 Ft. Walton Beach Pirate Festival

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Good Advice from the United States Navy regarding Social Media.

This is one of the ways that the United States Navy uses good social media advice and advises its ranks of some issues regarding social media.  It’s worth a look.

To say the society we live in is technologically advanced would be an understatement. With everything available to us, it seems as if anyone with opposable thumbs can document, broadcast, and stream just about anything — with smartphone in hand of course. The list of innovations society has crafted is a long one, capping off at the most recent apps and tools available to us on a daily basis. Our ability to interact in this way can be a great thing, as long as that power is used for good and not for evil.

Let me ask you a few questions: Which world do you live in – the real world or the virtual world? Are you still able to distinguish the difference between the two? The term “virtual reality” derived its name for a reason…because it’s NOT real – it’s virtual, simulated, and it can easily become fantasy if you lose touch with reality. Even scarier is when the ambiguous and ethereal become your reality. If you choose voyeurism over real relationships you have precariously positioned yourself on a very slippery slope. It’s perfectly fine to spend time in the virtual world if you recognize it as such. So, are you still in touch with reality? Do you avoid human relationships in lieu of online relationships? Are your online relationships adding value to your personal and professional life or harming them? Would you reach out to another human being in need of help or just tweet about it?  Credit

United States Supreme Court

Judge’s Law Clerks Often Affect Views

Judge’s Law Clerks Can Give Insight to Ideology

Often, little thought is given to Jude’s Law Clerks but they hold social power behind the scenes. The US Supreme Court may not be something on your daily thoughts, but the direction of the Court often factors into things that we all can or cannot do on a daily basis.

Justice Neil Gorsuch is the newest member of the Court. As such, he relies on law clerks to help mold and draft his opinions. Typically speaking, they follow his ideology, but can perhaps influence decision based upon research.

Sometimes you can draw clues about a judge’s ideological leanings from the other judges his clerks worked for. In this case, it’s worth noting that almost all of the incoming NMG clerks previously clerked for conservative stalwarts — Justice Scalia, Justice Alito, and Judge Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit (based in New Orleans) who was very conservative and basically gutted many an injured parties’ claim when possible.

Upon information and belief, they are as follows. For the remainder of October Term 2016:

1. Mike Davis (Iowa 2004 / Gorsuch)
2. Jamil Jaffer (Chicago 2003 / E. Jones / Gorsuch)
3. Jane Kucera Nitze (Harvard 2008 / Gorsuch / Sotomayor)
4. Matt Owen (Michigan 2008 / Gorsuch / Scalia)

For October Term 2017:

1. David Feder (Harvard 2014 / Gorsuch)
2. Matt Owen (Michigan 2008 / Gorsuch / Scalia)
3. Eric Tung (Chicago 2010 / Gorsuch / Scalia)
4. Lucas Walker (Harvard 2009 / Gorsuch / Alito)

As you might expect from their law school graduation years (they’re not kiddies), these clerks have tons of other valuable work experience outside clerking. For example, several worked in the Justice Department: Jane Nitze in the Office of Legal Counsel, Jamil Jaffer in the Office of Legal Policy and the National Security Division, and Matt Owen and Eric Tung in the Solicitor General’s office as Bristow Fellows.

The group exhibits diversity on some fronts but not others. There’s only one woman, Jane Nitze, but Jamil Jaffer and Eric Tung are clerks of color.

Hopefully, they are interested in protecting victims rights and preserving causes of actions where possible.  We will see.

Full Story

FISA Warrant

FISA Warrant: Interesting Government Authority

A so-called ‘FISA Warrant’ is an order granted to The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, also called the FISA Court).  It was established and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) to oversee requests for surveillance warrants against foreign spies inside the United States by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

In order for FISC to issue a warrant, an application must be made before an individual judge of the court. The court may allow third parties to submit briefs as amici curiae. When the U.S. Attorney General determines that an emergency exists, the Attorney General may authorize the emergency employment of electronic surveillance before obtaining the necessary authorization from the FISC, if the Attorney General or their designee notifies a judge of the court at the time of authorization and applies for a warrant as soon as practicable but not more than 7 days after authorization of such surveillance, as required by 50 U.S.C. § 1805.

What all this complication means is that, ostensibly, to help the US obtain information on foreign government or individual activities, there is a process by which a warrant is issued to search or monitor.  It is made through a Judge of the FISA Court and there is a process by which an appeal may be made.

Normally, the FISA warrant does not make news.  However, in 2017 there is speculation surrounding President Trump and his advisors as to whether this means was utilized during the campaign of 2016 to gather information on foreign activities.


Road Construction Projects Dangerous for Workers and Motorists

road construction accident

Many Accidents Occur During Road Construction Projects

Working on the side of a roadway, a road construction project or construction site has inherent dangers. Roadway workers know that and take great pride in following safety standards to keep themselves and their crews safe. Often, truck mounted attenuators – a high-tech accordion-like device on the back of a vehicle – protects crews by absorbing the blow from a vehicle entering the work zone. Automated Flagger machines are being used in areas where it’s just too dangerous to have someone standing next to traffic.

But construction zone accidents still occur and sometimes it because of a faulty design, not following the construction plan or a wayward motorist.

Attorney Ed Kramer has tried cases involving road construction accidents. These type of accidents can involve persons becoming injured in a car crash into another car; or because the road surface is somehow compromised and unsafe. One such case resulted in an award to Attorney Kramer’s client of our $1 million.

Often, when you enter upon a road construction project, as a motorist, you are routed to a lane of travel determined by barriers and markings. Sometimes this plan of routing is flawed or dangerous.  It can lead to car accidents. These accidents can involve personal injuries and even death.  Some that Ed Kramer has handled involve brain injuries.  These are all very serious and very unfortunate.

Consider InjuredGo.com for your personal injury claim if you are hurt in a construction zone. From car accidents to big truck wrecks, we will handle your case professionally.

Fracking, damages, ed kramer, attorney, Baton Rouge

$4.2 Million Fracking Award For Groundwater Contamination Overturned by Judge.

Fracking Allegedly Caused Groundwater Contamination

Dimock, Pennsylvania has been called ground zero in the fight against fracking. It’s the location that became the basis for the movie Gasland by anti-fracking activist Josh Fox. Last March, a federal jury awarded $4.2 million to a pair of Dimock families that had sued over alleged pollution of their drinking water. Today that award was reversed on appeal. The $4 million award was given to just two families who refused to settle with the company.

Only two families out of the original 44 plaintiffs in the case against Cabot Oil and Gas went to trial after years of delays, lack of representation, and legal setbacks. Lead plaintiff Scott Ely worked for the driller before becoming a whistleblower.  Full Story.

“I saw so much on these job sites,” he said after the verdict. “I’m not only working for them I’m also a resident and as I’m working for them, I end up becoming a victim of it.”

Judge Martin Carlson wrote that the evidence presented at last year’s jury trial by a pair of families in Dimock, Pa., “was spare, sometimes contradictory, frequently rebutted by other scientific expert testimony, and relied in some measure upon tenuous inferences.”

He said there were multiple “weaknesses” in the case, along with “serious and troubling irregularities in the testimony and presentation of the plaintiffs’ case — including repeated and regrettable missteps by counsel in the jury’s presence,” necessitating that Carlson vacate the jury award against Cabot Oil and Gas Co….

“We do not take this step lightly, and we recognize the significance of voiding the judgment of a panel of jurors who sat through nearly three weeks of trial and reached a unanimous verdict,” he wrote.  injuredGo.com Personal Injury Law Firm has written postals about groundwater contamination before.  Here and Here.

You generally get one chance to chose the right lawyer for you.  Attorney Ed Kramer is happy to discuss your options.  (225) 933-1500  www.InjuredGo.com

InjuredGo.com Neil Gorsuch Ed Kramer

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch’s key cases: In his own words

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is, and has been, a Federal Judge.  USA Today has quoted some of his views on laws and lawsuits.  Read more HERE.

Amongst them:

“If a seventh grader starts trading fake burps for laughs in gym class, what’s a teacher to do? Order extra laps? Detention? A trip to the principal’s office? Maybe. But then again, maybe that’s too old school. Maybe today you call a police officer. And maybe today the officer decides that, instead of just escorting the now compliant thirteen year old to the principal’s office, an arrest would be a better idea. So out come the handcuffs and off goes the child to juvenile detention. My colleagues suggest the law permits exactly this option and they offer ninety-four pages explaining why they think that’s so. Respectfully, I remain unpersuaded.”

“Often enough the law can be ‘a ass — a idiot’ — and there is little we judges can do about it, for it is (or should be) emphatically our job to apply, not rewrite, the law enacted by the people’s representatives. Indeed, a judge who likes every result he reaches is very likely a bad judge, reaching for results he prefers rather than those the law compels. So it is I admire my colleagues today, for no doubt they reach a result they dislike but believe the law demands — and in that I see the best of our profession and much to admire. It’s only that, in this particular case, I don’t believe the law happens to be quite as much of a ass as they do. I respectfully dissent.”

Interesting.  As of this date, Judge Gorsuch has not been confirmed.

Personal Injury Attorney Ed Kramer is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.  Amongst others, he has represented Maritime Personal Injury Victims before the court, and was successful.

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High Speed Internet Injuredgo.com

Free High-Speed Internet for Louisiana Schools – Rejected?

No Free High Speed Internet for Louisiana Schools

Despite detailed assurances from top state officials, an offer to set up a no-cost, high speed Louisiana internet network for cash-strapped public schools across Louisiana died recently amid conflicting claims on the merits of the plan.

The state Board of Regents, with support from Gov. John Bel Edwards, made the offer to district superintendents and later provided point-by-point rebuttals to concerns raised by wary educators and their lawyers.

What did essentially kill the deal for most superintendents was a sharp critique of the plan a few weeks later by a Baton Rouge-based law firm. It concluded that superintendents should reject the offer.

“Due to the lack of information, it is our recommendation that the agreement not be executed,” according a three-page letter from the Hammonds, Sills, Adkins & Guice law firm.

The letter questioned the value of assurances offered by the Board of Regents; said accepting the offer could prohibit districts from filing future e-rate requests with the FCC; and once the network was up and running, the state could charge local districts whatever it wanted.

It also questioned the state’s pledge to put up 10 percent of the construction costs, citing possible problems if districts backed out later and questioned whether subscription fees would be based on usage.

One week later, the Board of Regents, with assistance from Louisiana Optical Network Initiative officials, replied with a rebuttal to each concern. They offered to bind the state to the plan, said it would not keep districts from future e-rate applications and disputed claims of any excessive charges in the offing. It said the state’s pledge to finance 10 percent of the construction costs was solid, downplayed concerns about possible problems for districts that opted out later and said subscription fees would not be based on usage.

Original Here

The rejection was centered upon a 3-page legal opinion.  Some agree, some disagree.  Why not get a free evaluation of your personal injury case by a serious, experienced attorney?  Ed Kramer and the InjuredGo.com Law Firm stand ready to help YOU. (225) 933-1500 or www.InjuredGo.com