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Any U.S. seaman with an offshore injury or occupational illness may be protected under the Jones Act. If unsafe work conditions played any role whatsoever in the seaman’s illness or injury, he or she may qualify for financial compensation due to employer negligence.

Under admiralty law, unsafe conditions on a vessel may include:

  • Equipment failure
  • Grease/oil/water on the ship’s deck
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Assault by or negligence on the part of a coworker
  • Improper training of the ship’s crew
  • Dangerous work methods
  • Failure to provide crew members with proper equipment needed for routine job duties

The statute of limitations for filing a Jones Act claim, many of the offshore injury claims, is three years, other maritime claims may be less, so don’t wait — We want to help YOU!

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There are numerous offshore vessels and many qualify their crew for ‘Jones Act’ status. Ed Kramer of the Personal Injury Law Firm has years of experience handling these cases and is familiar with Offshore work. If you have an offshore injury, call us today for a FREE consultation.

The types of offshore vessels is numerous and can be classified in four main groups:

  • Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels
  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Offshore Production Vessels
  • Construction/Special Purpose Vessels

Each of this category comprise of a variety of vessels.

Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels

Oil exploration vessels, help in exploration and drilling of oil at high seas. This is, usually in the Gulf of Mexico for seaman living along the Gulf rim. The main types of exploration vessels are:

Offshore Support Vessels

There are many offshore vessels that provide the ‘lifeblood’ of the drilling operations.  It is dangerous work, and these vessels provide the necessary manpower and technical reinforcement required so that the operational processes in the high seas can continue without any interruptions. These vessels are called as ‘offshore support vessels.’

Offshore Production Vessels

Offshore production vessels are  those vessels that help in the production processes in the drilling units in the Gulf of Mexico.  FPSOs (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading) can be used as an example of this type of offshore ship.

Offshore Construction / Special Purpose Vessels

These type of vessels nclude those that provide anchorage and tugging assistance and those kinds of ships that help in the positioning of deep sub-water cable and piping lines.

Main types are:

In addition to these, those variances of ships that provide aid in case of any emergencies occurring in the high seas and those types of vessels that undertake researching and analysing activities in the high seas are also included under the offshore vessels’ classification. personal injury law firm

Nafta Louisiana Shipping

Shipping Tyne Vessel

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