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Most Common Causes of Fatal Auto Accidents

Fatal Auto Accidents

This infographic illustrates common causes behind fatal auto accidents. Since 1970, auto accident deaths have been steadily declining. This is partly because of stricter safety measures in automobile design. However, this hasn’t stopped alcohol, speeding, distracted driving, and reckless driving from becoming the top contributors to deadly automobile incident.

Auto accidents caused by distracted driving skyrocketed with the introduction of smart phones and other electronic mobile devices. Several states have banned cell phone use while driving; yet 28% of all auto accidents still involve cell phones. Whether texting, making a phone call, or just browsing your favorite mobile app, using cell phones while operating a vehicle drastically increases your chances of being in an accident.

Big Trucks are also a cause of fatal car accidents.  This is because the relative size of the truck, compared to a car, is significant. It is not unusual for a big truck accident to result in a fatality. Although driving time is limited for truck drivers, there is still a large number of truck accidents occurring because of driver fatigue.

Motorcycle Accidents are also a cause of fatalities. A motorcycle is far less likely to be seen by a truck or a car. There is also far less protection for a motorcycle driver involved in an accident than the driver of a car.