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Another Celebrity – Artie Lang – Arrested for Drug Possession

Chronic Pain Sometimes Can Lead to Addiction

Comedian and former Howard Stern show sidekick Artie Lang was arrested last week on drug possession charges outside his New Jersey home.  Here.

Hoboken police spokesman Sgt. Edgardo Cruz told that 49-year-old Lange, who has a history of drug addiction, was arrested on Sunday after allegedly being found with cocaine, heroin and drug paraphernalia in the parking garage of his building.  How this happened to this celebrity is unknown. But, we know that many people who struggle with chronic pain can become addicted.  Even after surgery, sometimes, pain still persists.

Back pain, in particular, is very troubling and sufferers often are not sure how to stop the pain. At our law firm, we use the very best in the medical profession that we can to help understand your pain. Then, treatment can occur. And the party that caused the pain, usually accidentally, will have to pay for your recovery. Most have insurance and this money comes from the insurance company. Other injuries can cause chronic pain as well. Certain brain injuries can cause migraine headaches that are virtually incurable. We want to help every single one of our clients get the help that they need to avoid or minimize chronic pain.

Drug addiction is a very real problem.  Many of our clients, with chronic pain, struggle to manage the pain after suffering from a car crash or other acts of negligence.  At personal injury law firm, we know that the future might be rough for accident victims. Accounting for all your future medical needs is very important and why Ed Kramer and the team wants to hep you!