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Greek System At Penn State Finds Itself Under Fire

Greek System at Penn State Under Fire for Hazing Incident

Penn State is again making news.  This time, over its Greek System is under fire for hazing and obvious deficiencies in helping young people learn the values that many of us in society would like to see imparted to our youth.

Beta Theta Pi had been suspended by both the university and its national organization and then was banned for five years by Penn State. But Vice President of Student Affairs Damon Sims said that was not enough, delivering a permanent revocation of the fraternity’s recognition.  That’s a big step for the university to take, yet, seemingly, a good one.

Both the national organization and the attorney for the Alpha Upsilon chapter have not returned calls for comment.

“The university’s investigation has produced deeply disturbing evidence showing that Beta Theta Pi fell far short of its professed policies and values,” Sims said. “The serious violations we have found include forced drinking, mandatory hazing and other illegal activity, which combine with a student’s tragic death to lead us to conclude that Beta Theta Pi, despite its notable history at Penn State, merits no continuing place in our community.”

Beta Theta Pi marketed itself as “Men of Principle.” On their website, the national organization trumpets: “By all accounts, Beta’s Men of Principle initiative has become a case-study in organizational change. True, systemic cultural change,” something undertaken to reverse the downsides of the fraternities that the organization said was making them “irrelevant.”

Parents entrust their young adults to a system that, they hope, will be able to put in lace certain checks and balances to prevent this sort of tragedy.  However, it is becoming all to common n the news today.  If you, or your young adult has experienced a personal injury involving the wrongful acts of another, please feel free to contact the Law Firm, LLC.  Attorney Ed Kramer will be most happy to discuss wth you your rights and options.

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