Purple Mattress Firm Sues YouTube Reviewer

A YouTube reviewer under the name “Honest Mattress Reviews” posted a review about the popular “purple mattress.”  The manufacturer apparently has responded with a lawsuit against the reviewer. Here are a couple of videos about the debacle.

Right or wrong?  You decide.

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Ford Car Crash

Parents of 8-year-old killed in crash sue Ford for $1 million

An 8-year-old girl killed in a Texas car crash have filed a $1 million wrongful death suit.  The defendants include the accused drunk driver and Ford Motor Company, according to court records and recent reports.

The deceased child, Kelsey Nalepa, was killed earlier this month after a Jeep Grand Cherokee crashed into her family’s 2009 Ford Expedition.  Her father, Marcus Nalepa, was driving.  The family has stopped in traffic when the defendant, Erika Diebel’s, Jeep crashed into the family’s vehicle. The child was seatbelted in on the driver’s side of the car.  However, she hit the seat in front of her after the seatbelt failed, according to the lawsuit.

Nightmares became real when her parents turned around to check on their daughter, who was bloodied and unconscious. The little girl was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital where she died two days later.  The defendant, Erika Diebel, 41, was arrested Thursday and charged with intoxication manslaughter.  According to reports, her blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit.

The lawsuit also describes the 2009 Ford Expedition “unreasonably dangerous,” and says it was foreseeable that the driver’s side seat would fail, smashing into Kelsey’s head.

“This lawsuit is brought in part to exhaust all remedies allowed by law to determine responsibility for this tragedy and to hopefully make a difference so no other family will have to bury their child and endure the torture of such a loss,” the family’s lawyers write in the suit.

Expert Testimony personal injury

Abraham Lincoln – Quality Legal Services

When Abraham Lincoln practiced law, he provided quality legal services.

Perhaps Lincoln’s greatest asset as a lawyer was his ability to simplify cases, and provide quality legal services. He was able to reduce even complex cases to a few key points. He put legal disputes into simple focus. He had a gift for brevity and clarity. Lincoln’s special talent was logical oral argument and not legal research. He had an uncanny ability to ‘read’ juries and influence them with his persuasive arguments. Lincoln always had a law partner. Lincoln’s fees were usually in the $5 to $20 range, but he once charged $5,000. Lincoln represented the Illinois Central Railroad throughout the 1850’s. In the McLean County Tax case, a case Lincoln won for the railroad, he charged his largest fee ever: $5,000, but he had to sue the railroad to collect his money.  Full Story

Some firms today, represent personal injury victims in a settlement mill fashion.

Today’s times are far more complex.  At InjuredGo.com Personal Injury Law Firm, LLC, Ed Kramer strives to give you the personal service and attention that you deserve from a professional.  But, unlike Abraham Lincoln, InjuredGo.com knows that a pool of talent is better for your case- to simplify the issues and help prove your damages.Abraham Lincoln

Expert witnesses are essential in many personal injury cases.

Expert testimonies usually occurs in cases involving:

  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Violation of standards
  • Violations of safety rules
  • Violations of custom and practice
  • Permanent injury
  • Causation
  • Issues pertaining of standard of care in medical or legal malpractice cases

The most common use of an expert in a personal injury case is probably the treating physician.  He is needed to place the issue of permanent disability and causation before the jury.  For example, to prove that a plaintiff has a permanent back injury and that it was caused by the accident in question, the plaintiff’ attorney needs to call either a treating physician or a hired expert to testify that the injury is permanent and caused by the accident.   In most personal injury cases, a treating physician or hired expert may be called to testify, or at least their records and opinions therein obtained.   The more complex the case, the more experts will generally be called, or otherwise utilized.

Ed Kramer has worked with many experts in many fields.  In preparing your case, we use expert testimony when necessary to let the insurance company know that we are ready bring your case before a jury.  If the a reasonable, or even maximum award is not offered, the insurer knows it is likely to face a trial, which is more expensive and involves more risk.  But your case is worth putting all efforts toward it, and to achieving the highest possible settlement or award.

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