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J & J Hit With $110 Million Verdict in Baby Powder Lawsuit

Baby Powder Found to Cause Ovarian Cancer

Following up on an earlier post regarding Johnson & Johnson and the ongoing baby powder lawsuit, Thursday saw a jury return a verdict against J & J for $110 million. The plaintiff was a Virginia woman who says she developed ovarian cancer after decades of using of its talc-based products for feminine hygiene.

The crux of the case is Johnson and Johnson not warning consumers about the cancer risk associated with the use of its talc based products including “Shower to Shower” and the popular Johnson’s Baby Powder. ┬áMany of those lawsuits are pending in St. Louis, where the J&J has faced four prior trials, three of which resulted in $197 million verdicts against J&J and a talc supplier.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit, Lois Slemp, is a resident of Virginia who is currently undergoing chemotherapy after her ovarian cancer initially diagnosed in 2012 returned and spread to her liver. ┬áSlemp claimed she developed cancer after four decades of using talc-containing products produced by J&J, including J&J’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder.

The jury awarded $5.4 million in compensatory damages and said J&J was 99 percent at fault while Imerys, the talc supplier, was just 1 percent negligent. It awarded punitive damages of $105 million against J&J and $50,000 against Imerys.

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