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$250 Million Lawsuit Filed for Bus Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Accident

Bus Accident Personal Injury Claim Tops $250 Million

Fifteen passengers who were aboard the charter bus hit by a freight train on March 7, 2017 in Biloxi, Mississippi have filed a $250 million dollar lawsuit. The cases were filed in Harris County state court, in Houston, Texas. The bus in question was traveling from one Mississippi casino to another Mississippi casino when it became stuck at a steep grade crossing on tracks owned and maintained by CSX Corporation. See story HERE.

The 20 plus ton charter bus was pushed more than 200 feet. Four were killed in the crash, and more than forty were injured. At least seventeen accidents had occurred previously at the crossing, including at least two accidents within the last two years where large vehicles were stuck on the tracks while trying to cross. The charter bus, which originated in Austin, Texas, was operated by Texas-based Echo Transportation. Echo Transportation is part of the TBL Group, based in Houston, Texas. The trip was organized by Diamond Tours, Inc.

The named Defendants in the cases are: Echo Transportation, Inc., Diamond Tours, Inc., TBL Group, Inc., CSX Transportation, Inc., and ABC Companies. The lead case is: Hall v. Echo Transportation, Inc., et al.; Cause No. 2017-17413; In the 151st District Court, Harris County, Texas.

Bus and truck accidents cause many personal injuries due to their size and frequent use. As you can see from this report, there are often many party defendants involved.

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$26 Million Verdict Upheld Against Yellow Cab: Implications for Uber?

$26 Million Verdict Upheld in Taxicab Car Crash

A divided state appeals court has upheld a $26 million jury verdict awarded to a Chicago lawyer injured in a 2005 taxicab crash near Hinsdale, saying the Yellow Cab taxi affiliation must pay out for the accident because the injured passenger believed Yellow Cab was the driver’s “apparent agent,” even though Yellow Cab did not employ the driver and a Cook County trial judge refused to let YCA show the jury key evidence on how extensively all cabs are controlled by Chicago City Hall.

This is an interesting set of facts, although a tragic injury, because Uber operates on the same “independent contractor” platform.  When an Uber driver causes or is involved in an accident, insurers will surely point fingers, but not at themselves.

On March 16, a three-justice panel of the Illinois First District Appellate Court ruled 2-1 to let stand the verdict in favor of plaintiff Marc Jacobs, as the majority said they did not believe YCA had demonstrated Cook County Judge Daniel J. Lynch had abused his discretion in limiting what YCA could tell the jury about the impact of city regulation on the appearance of its cabs, and the misunderstanding this can create in the minds of passengers and the public as to who the otherwise independent cab drivers actually work for.

A Cook County jury had found in favor of Jacobs, awarding him and his wife a combined $26 million in damages. Personal Injury Law Firm also handles car accidents and Big Truck Wrecks.

The case centered on an Aug. 31, 2005, single-vehicle crash off the Interstate 294 exit ramp leading to Hinsdale, involving a Yellow-branded taxi driven by Cornelius C. Ezeagu.

Jacobs had entered the cab at a taxi stand in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, across from a restaurant at E. Grand Ave. and N. Rush Street where Jacobs had been dining with a “longtime client.” After his client left in her private car, Jacobs asked Ezeagu to take him home to Hinsdale.

On the exit ramp from I-294, however, Ezeagu’s minivan left the curved ramp, “went airborne for 32 feet, struck the ground and continued forward over a grassy drainage area, and then crashed into a concrete retention wall,” according to court documents.  Read entire story HERE.

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