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Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out $4 Million Jury Verdict Over Water Contamination

Jury Awarded $4 Million: Judge Says ‘No.’

Its not over ’til its over.  Even when a jury verdict is rendered, the case might not be closed.  There was a bomb-shell decision today by a federal judge involving a water contamination trial from Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

In a 58-page ruling, Judge Martin Carlson threw out the jury verdict, and a $4 million dollar award for two families from the Dimock Township area.  Last year, a federal jury found Cabot Oil and Gas was a nuisance — after the families said the company contaminated their groundwater.  Cabot has denied any wrong-doing. Contaminated drinking water is becoming more and more of an issue.  We have written about it before, here.

The judge said he did not make this decision lightly — and says a new trial is needed.  Read the decision Here.

Soil contamination from underground gas storage tanks, old oilfield ‘legacy’ sites, leaking pipes of all sorts is real.  Often it will damage no only drinking water, but require expensive cleanup on the part of the landowner.  But, if you can tract the source of the pollution and contamination, there may be a claim.

In Louisiana, ‘orphan’ wells, old dump sites, and other sources of pollution are common.

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