Road Construction Projects Dangerous for Workers and Motorists

road construction accident

Many Accidents Occur During Road Construction Projects

Working on the side of a roadway, a road construction project or construction site has inherent dangers. Roadway workers know that and take great pride in following safety standards to keep themselves and their crews safe. Often, truck mounted attenuators – a high-tech accordion-like device on the back of a vehicle – protects crews by absorbing the blow from a vehicle entering the work zone. Automated Flagger machines are being used in areas where it’s just too dangerous to have someone standing next to traffic.

But construction zone accidents still occur and sometimes it because of a faulty design, not following the construction plan or a wayward motorist.

Attorney Ed Kramer has tried cases involving road construction accidents. These type of accidents can involve persons becoming injured in a car crash into another car; or because the road surface is somehow compromised and unsafe. One such case resulted in an award to Attorney Kramer’s client of our $1 million.

Often, when you enter upon a road construction project, as a motorist, you are routed to a lane of travel determined by barriers and markings. Sometimes this plan of routing is flawed or dangerous.  It can lead to car accidents. These accidents can involve personal injuries and even death.  Some that Ed Kramer has handled involve brain injuries.  These are all very serious and very unfortunate.

Consider for your personal injury claim if you are hurt in a construction zone. From car accidents to big truck wrecks, we will handle your case professionally.